Smart mirror

Espejo inteligente

Duriglass smart mirror it allows technology to blend with the decoration to create unique spaces, without the presence of the television determining in a crucial way the aesthetics of the room.

What is the smart mirror?

We combine in a single piece two elements as different as mirrors and televisions. The result of this union is a television that, when off, it behaves like a mirror and otherwise displays the desired image on the screen.


There are countless spaces that thanks to this solution recover their walls, their decoration, their own style without being marked by the "black stain" that a monitor turned off.

Leisure businesses and companies will find a new way of offering entertainment and information through the mirrored walls of their premises.

We integrate Smart TVs (Smart TV) to achieve maximum connectivity with all your devices. In addition, the integration of systems such as Google Chromecast or Apple TV, will allow interaction with mobile devices in its mirror.

espejo multimedia

Smart mirror

This option triggers the communication possibilities of your multimedia mirror.

The integration of a Projected Capacitive type touch screen, allows user interaction with the system through the mirror glass. Thus, the mirror, already tactile, detects touches and commands that are transmitted to the installed computer or Android system, allowing interaction with menus, videos, photos, 3D images, virtual tours ... or any type of Tablet-type interface that is pre-installed in it.

In residential facilities, it allows us the integration of a Tablet in your mirror, for access to information, app, entertainment ...

In business solutions, can have real totem or information points, with a new style and a much higher impact capacity.

Integrations with RFID technology, 3D or virtual reality applications, allow the generation of new forms of communication.


Send content with image quality of up to 4K Ultra HD and HDR over a Wi-Fi network thanks to Chromecast Ultra, a streaming device that connects to the HDMI port of the TV. Chromecast Ultra works quickly and reliably to minimize buffering for smoother streaming.

Use your Android device, iPhone®, iPad®, or laptop to stream content from thousands of Google Home-compatible apps. *



Apps are the future of television. Think about it. You use them every day to do everything on your mobile devices and your computer, but right on the biggest screen in the house you can't. You can not? Wait, now yes. Apple TV apps give you the freedom to decide what to watch and when you want to watch it. And thanks to its powerful operating system, tvOS, the relationship you have with your TV is going to change radically.

Ask Siri to find the perfect movie for every moment, or turn your living room into an arcade, a gym, and even a classroom. We present you the Apple TV. The revolution comes to your screen.

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