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Smart Glass On-Off

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Smart Glass On-Off


fabricación polímero o vidrio inteligente
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Useful in countless rooms such as offices, bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms to add privacy as needed

With 50 years of experience in the transformation of glass and thanks to our own R&D department at Duriglass, we have designed solutions with different types of glass to meet the needs of the most exclusive clients with glasses in different thicknesses, tempered, curved. , anti-glare, with solar control and cameras.

oficina con polímero opaco
división de espacios con vidrio opatizable
decoración con cristales inteligentes
mampara con vidrio inteligente opatizable

Duriglass Smart Glass On-Off is a smart glass designed mainly to create privacy between spaces, but with audiovisual virtues that make it a glass prepared to create environments never seen before.


Floating olograms

Apart from its privacy function, Smart Glass has the quality of retaining projected images when it is transparent, leaving the image suspended in the air.

Thanks to its composition, it can be turned into a cinema or audiovisual screen in different spaces such as living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, terraces and in professional sectors for meeting rooms, shops, shop windows as a magical element of digital communication. At Duriglass we create digital solutions with the SmartGlass On-OFF, installing professional short-throw projectors and turning the glass into an interactive screen where you can watch your favorite series, movies, online content, local channels, decorate spaces and endless functionalities that make Smart Glass On-OFF is the most exclusive smart glass on the market.

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