Smart Frame con pantalla integrada para mostrar fotos como un cuadro

Smart Frame

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It is a treated glass with which a uniform black effect is achieved when the screen is off

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In an extra clear treated glass with a perimeter white effect similar to the mat as if it were a painting

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Designed with treated properties to cover spaces where there is a lot of natural light without sacrificing design and quality.

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It consists of a machined aluminum structure for easy installation and different combinations of glass.

baño moderno con televisión Smart oculta


Smart Frame

The Smart Frame is designed to hide and personalize a Smart TV in a kitchen, bedroom or living room

cocina viendo una serie de televisión
televisión simulando un marco de fotos

It was born to cover spaces without giving up the design and quality offered by the new 4k HDR +, OLED and QLED screens.

marcos personalizables para televisión y espejos

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The frame of the set allows you to hide the back of a TV, avoiding viewing the cables and plugs on the walls and significantly reducing the separation that is created with any TV wall mount on the market.