Smart mirror

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What is a Smart Mirror?




At Duriglass we design different sizes of Smart Mirror depending on the use for which it is intended, such as bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms or gyms. Its structure is made mainly of machined aluminum to be able to seal and protect the perimeter of the treated dielectric glass. The monitors, screens from 15.6 "to 85", sensors, PCs and controllers are housed inside it to cover the different products and solutions.

Smart Mirror TV

We manufacture Smart Mirror TV with the latest technology such as artificial intelligence, compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. They also incorporate the latest news with high definition QLED / OLED screens up to 8K. They have a Bluetooth, Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection and are controlled with the latest generation wireless controls or from a mobile phone using an app.

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What is a Smart Mirror or Smart Mirror for?

A smart mirror, or Smart Mirror, is the perfect solution for the most exclusive designers and interior designers. You can turn the mirror into a virtual fireplace or a spectacular fish tank as a decoration element. It shows us updated information as if it were a mobile. It offers all the functionalities thanks to artificial intelligence, where you can enjoy all the applications and digital platforms. You will be able to watch your favorite channels, connect the home automation of your home, create your own home office, do sports in front of the mirror, duplicate the screen of your mobile and enjoy all the smart apps such as the weather, youtube, spotify, netflix, prime video, movistar +, surf the internet and a wide catalog of smart apps.