Tu espejo


The size you need

60, 70, 100 or 120 centimeters

A new way to access entertainment and information

espejo multimedia bañoespejo inteligente para baño de diseño
smart mirror o espejo inteligente multimedia


Everything in 2 centimeters


In a new place, enjoy movies and series from your online content services


Access beauty tips as you apply them


Multiple functions allow the whole family to find the preferred use

pantalla oculta en espejo
espejo con pantalla
espejo multimedia
control de salud con el espejo interactivo


espejo retroiluminado


Illuminate with the desired shade and intensity

* Características disponibles según modelo B60i, B100 y B120

pantalla multimedia con espejo de baño resistente al agua


Simple installation and enjoy it

Choose the wall

You will need a nearby outlet and have good Wi-Fi coverage

Screw the guide

Drill through the wall at all four attachment points and directly mount the rails

Hang the mirror

Just hang it up like a painting and run to show it

recibidor con Smart Mirror


Where to put it?

Although logic prompts you to hang it inside the bathroom, it is actually also decorative and functional in bedrooms and hallways.

Frequent questions

What can I do with a Smart Mirror? Incredible things +

Don't miss the latest news, favorite videos, local weather, listen to music, browse your favorite websites, educational tutorials for children, read your emails, etc.

Why do I need a Smart Mirror? Your house needs it +

If you are passionate about technology, this is the product that rewards exclusivity, innovation in the future of smart glass.

Do I need a technician for the installation? Not a handyman like you +

No, the installation is very simple, you just have to put the brackets on the wall according to the manual and hang. Connect the power supply cable and configure the wifi. You just have to be very careful when handling the mirror before hanging it so that the edge of the glass does not receive any blows.

What happens if the glass breaks or the mirror fails? Warranty and repairs available +

We are manufacturers. With an experience of more than 50 years, we have 14,000m2 of facilities, precision machinery and the best human team with technicians and engineers who are passionate about new technologies that make it possible to develop the future of digital glass. We have an after-sales service department to repair our Smart mirrors, if you have a home or business policy, the insurance can take care of the repair by accident. post-sale@duriglass.com

How to solve doubts about the operation of the Smart mirror We listen to you +

Duriglass has a customer service to help users discover all the features of the equipment. You just have to send an email with your data and needs to comercial@duriglass.com

Where can I install it? Everywhere +

Our Smart mirror can be installed anywhere, living room, bathroom, hallways, kitchen, bedrooms ...

Can I use it in my business? The more the better +

Of course you can use it in your business, we have multiple applications in locations such as beauty salons, clinics, gyms, restaurants, offices, hairdressers, all sectors that take care of their image can enjoy a Smart mirror to communicate their promotions with an element of innovative decoration.