Coronavirus screen

Mampara coronavirus


At Duriglass we work so that companies make smart and hygienic decisions that generate safety for their employees. With the screen for the coronavirus you will have maximum protection measures against the CORONAVIRUS pandemic (COVID-19) and other epidemics.


Tempered safety glass, which provides effective protection against all types of viral contagion and with a special and hygienic treatment (EASY CLEAN COATING) that acts like bacteria neutralizer, facilitating the sliding of residues and dirt without the need to use abrasive detergents.


Screen for customer service jobs: hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, tobacconists, banks, hotels, gyms, Retail, offices ...


Coronavirus screen

Duriglass is a smart glass technology company and we want to help society with our knowledge and experience in glass manufacturing.

mamapara coronavirus

We are manufacturers and we carry out custom projects


HEIGHT (mm) X WIDTH (mm)

650 x 800

750 x 800

650 x 900

750 x 900



HEIGHT (mm) X WIDTH (mm)

650 x 500

750 x 650

1000 x 650

1200 x 650

1000 x 800

1200 x 800

1000 x 900

1200 x 900

VAT 21% not included

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