Screen for restaurants

Mampara para restaurantes

One of the sectors most affected by COVID19 (Coronavirus) will be hospitality where some of the measures will be to expand the terraces of the bars, reduce capacity or install protection measures such as partitions.

At duriglass we want to show you the best offer to install the most efficient screen for restaurants on the market.

Characteristics of the screen for restaurants

One of the main characteristics of this screen is the tempered glass hardness, which will help your durability is greater and you will not have the problem of scratches in it.

On the other hand the structure that supports the glass is made of aluminum which makes its stability one of the best partitions on the market.

Also if you want custom sizes we can manufacture it without problems.

We also have the option of add a digital display to entertain the client or even to add publicity.


"With duriglass we will make normality begin to arrive little by little",

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