Smart mirror

Smart Mirror

New Smart Mirror technology

Within the Smart Mirror technology the digital signage It is an advertising format for the broadcast of digital content through, in this case, screens.

These screens will be in a commercial business where people can enjoy the content broadcast by us.

We will control the content directly from a central computer that can be programmed for the different time slots. In this way, we will broadcast all hours of the day with the content we want, a great way to get sales in our business or monetize through advertising from others.

digital signage

Control your company's digital signage with Full HD screens and play a personalized list of images, videos and / or music that you can update remotely from anywhere in the world.

Smart Mirror - Advantages

All the people who pass by your premises will see the advertising that you show on the screen. Increase the memory of your brand, by mimicking the message with the context, you get it to take relevance by linking what is being said with where it is being said.

It influences the purchase decision. The screen affects the critical moment of your consumer's decision. Help him choose what is best for him at all times.

It is an attractive bet since our design makes it adapt to any space or establishment.

Brightness and multimedia content it will get people interested in your business.

Screens can also be tactile, this will give an interactive view to the customer.

Forget about paper. Save printing costs and contribute to the improvement of the environment.

It content can be changed in real time in a very simple way

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